Coming back

Legion posted Jan 1, 18

Tactical Universe is coming back

Its been a long time since the destruction of Tactical Universe due to Leximole97. I Legion would like to apologize to everyone for not getting rid of her when it first started up I am very sorry all, but I was dealing with way to much on my own to really notice what was happening until it was too late.

What will be changing

I will not be running the show fully this time instead a old time friend and new friends will be running the show this time, with are new owner Chivvy,  our new co-owner Marty, and a few developers you all may remember from the steam community Phantom & Greyjester.

What we are planning

we are planning to bring back a Minecraft server or 2 with new rules that will not be as strict as the old ones, but still fair to everyone. We also plan on reintroduce the donation store for these servers. We will also be integrating our current steam servers to the website and introducing some new ones as well.

We hope to see you guys again soon and keep an eye out for our official re-release coming soon

Legion Let's just say she destroyed the community by way of her attitude and for financial reasons.
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