Dear Tactical Universe Community

First, I want to start this off by thanking all the community members we have here at Tactical Universe and say Thank you for sticking with us through the ups and downs that we have gone through over the years of being a gaming community for you and your kids to come and hang out and enjoy. Second, I would like to thank all the wonderful staff from Helpers to the owners for making this network the best network that we imagined it to be as if it was not for you guys being there and helping us out we would not be able to keep this network in great shape and moving forward like we have done so far.

I will now list a few things below coming to Tactical Universe in the coming months of 2018.

1. We will be working on some new mod packs for 1.13 that will be fun for all ages. (The mod packs will be the following Skyblock, Land, and Adventure based packs so that many people can enjoy the most requested types of mod packs. )
2. Better and cleaner website forums for you guys to browse easier.
3. Better help from our staff team when our community members need help for any reason.
4. Active staff online to help remove those annoying players that are causing problems in the game or on discord. (This does not mean you will see staff online 24-7 as most of our staff have IRL jobs and can't be around all the time.)
5. Better ways to handle backups of mod packs, so we don't have to reset our maps that much anymore.
6. Mod pack/Server updates will only happen on every Saturday going forward, instead of every other day. (This will start to happen once 1.13 drops.)
7. Discord channel clean up every Sunday to keep the discord clean and visible with the latest updates or message posted.

Kind Regards,

The Tactical Universe Staff Team