About DreamerCraft3

Dreamer Craft is a Minecraft Community with a few servers up and running

such as Skyfactory, Direwolf20, and Vanilla Minecraft. They have some rules

like any Minecraft community so please be respectful.

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About Esox & Friends

They are a small steam community that is slowly growing.

they are friendly and very cool people to meet and talk too.

They are currently running a PvE rust server with a few plugins such as:

TruePVE, Quests, Skins, and more.

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About TNA

TNA is a gaming community with a few servers such as

7DTD, & Arma 3 Exile, they also enjoy playing destiny 2 and raiding

They have one rule treat everyone with respect and you will have no problems.

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About CFG

They are a Minecraft community that is family friendly, they do not tolerate bullying of any kind.

They are currently running: Infinity Evolved 3.0.2, Infinity Hard Mode 3.0.2

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